Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels: Review

Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels

It has been almost two whole years since the Japanese electronics manufacturer, Panasonic, has revealed a new solar panel. The previous version of this new panel was the Evervolt 370. With much anticipation over the past 6 months Panasonic finally unveiled their latest solar module offering to date, and it is very exciting.


Introducing the Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels . The new 410W/400W H Series panels made with half-cut cells and heterojunction technology with gapless connections and PERC technology showcases the latest tech in the industry. 

Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels
Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels in Black or White back-sheet

Constructed out of 66 half-cut cells, the all new 410W/400W EverVolt H Series Panels are the most potent panels in Panasonic’s portfolio. With efficiency ratings of 22.2 percent and 21.6 percent (depending on the balck or white back sheet), respectively, homeowners will be able to enjoy high levels of power output with minimal roof space requirements. Homeowners will also enjoy an industry-leading temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C, which allows for greater energy harvest throughout the day, even on the toastiest days in the most arid climates. With the industry’s best annual degradation rankings, Panasonic warranties power output of a minimum of 92 percent day one output in year 25. 


Although Panasonic is not manufacturing these panels in their own factories, they are handling the QC and engineering of the panel manufacturing process. The cells are likely out of singapore and closely resemble the cells from another leading european manufacturer named REC. The competing panel would be the REC 405 W. Many other brands have exited the manufacturing of panels, as it does not back out financially. 

TripleGuard Warranty

The new panel will be covered under the famous Panasonic tripleguard warranty. The TripleGuard warranty covers the panel, the performance, and the labor for 25 years when installed by an  Authorized, Premium or Elite certified Panasonic installer and registered through the Panasonic website. The AllGuard warranty gives homeowners a 25-year labor warranty from Panasonic for Enphase Micro inverters and Unirac or IronRidge racking, in addition to the product warranty, if purchased together from Panasonic.


“More homeowners than ever are interested in going solar, so offering a wide array of wattage, size and price options is essential to staying competitive in the market,” said Mukesh Sethi, Director of Solar and Energy Storage at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America.

Panasonic Evervolt 410/400 W Solar Panels

Storage Systems

Furthermore, Panasonic also showcased improvements to the new EverVolt 2.0 home storage system in November of last year. The latest version of the home battery solution out of Japan includes a gateway system that streamlines the installation by removing some of the extra components and simplifying it all into one interface. This includes a new phone app for homeowners to manage their total home energy systems from solar to battery backup capabilities. EverVolt 2.0 will be available in late April, and the solar panels will hit the market in the 2nd quarter of 2022. 

Panasonic EverVolt™ 2.0 Home Battery Storage System

Our Conclusion

If I were to be shopping for solar panels in California, the Panasonic Evervolt 410 would be a leading contender in my book. It has the all black sleek design my wife would appreciate and also carries a punch. For me the winner is the high heat coefficient for those smoldering summer days. When you wrap all these up with an industry leading iron clad warranty, the decision starts to look much clearer. To find out how much these panels will cost for your home, click here.


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