Solar Panel Cleaning to Protect Your Home's Solar Investment

Are you maximizing your solar system? Solar panel cleaning is essential to the overall viability of your home energy system. Dirt and build up will contribute to a loss of savings and energy depletion that is unnecessary! Our team of experts are here to professionally clean your solar panels to make sure you take full advantage of solar. Fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you for a consultation shortly.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaning

Preserve The Future of your Solar Panel System

Dirty solar panels contribute to a loss in productivity and affect your overall  savings. One study found that long-term dirt buildup can reduce a solar panel’s electricity production by as much as 25 percent. This can result in a massive loss in savings, making you responsible for higher electricity costs. Remember, you only save as much money as power you produce with your panels! It is in your best interest to routinely have your panels cleaned.

protect investment

Protect Investment

You’ve made the switch to solar, now protect it! Clean solar panels increases your investment’s longevity and maximize savings.

increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Dirt and build up will lower the efficacy of your panels, leading to lower electricity production from your solar system.

improve curb appeal

Improve Curb Appeal

Solar panels add to your home’s curb appeal with a sleek and modern look. When dirty, this benefit is greatly reduced.

NRG Clean Power Knows Solar Panel Cleaning

For over 30 years, NRG Clean Power has been California‘s leading residential clean energy provider. We specialize in solar panels and home battery storage systems, with a focus on sustainable energy. Our team of professionals knows the proper care necessary to clean and maintain your panels.



Why do I need to clean my solar panels?

When debris and dirt build up on solar panels, it block photons, drastically reducing your panel’s efficiency. Clean panels allow for photon particles to pass through much easier, maximizing your return on your investment.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

It’s important to have your solar panels professionally cleaned 1-2 times per year. We recommend cleanings in spring when the panel has the opportunity to get the most sunlight, and during fall so the panels can maximize efficiency during dark days.

What is the price of solar panel cleaning?

Our estimators usually charge per panel, but the cost can vary based on difficulty and level of dirt build up. Contact us for a free and fast quote.

solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaning

Solar, The Smart Way!