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Use our Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator to learn how much you can save!

Electric vehicles (EV) might be new, but they are definitely here to stay—and there is a good chance you already own one! It is, therefore, important to understand the costs involved when owning an EV. Use our free electric vehicle savings calculator below to learn more about your vehicle’s annual cost. *This calculator is to be used as a general estimate only.

Electric Vehicle Usage Calculator

Haven’t Made the Switch to an EV Yet?

For the average American household, transportation costs account for the second largest expense. This is only second to housing. Trading in your old gasoline-powered car for a new EV will save you not just in fuel costs, but in maintenance, too.  

If you pair your EV with a residential solar system, you can significantly reduce your fossil fuel consumption in addition to your day-to-day spending. In fact, investing in solar panels for electric car charging can pay off more quickly than using your solar panels for home electricity alone. This is because the solar power replaces more expensive gasoline in addition to grid electricity.

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