Frequently Asked Solar Questions

The solar purchasing process can be challenging. Check out our Solar FAQ page to answer the most common solar-related questions!

One of the most attractive features of solar panel technology is its cost-effectiveness. After your initial investment, solar panels will continually convert solar power into clean energy. Under the best conditions, solar panels can last over 30 years long. When properly maintained and monitored, you can look forward to decades of clean energy for you and your family.

Solar panel units are heavily tested before being used in the general public. When it comes to snow, wind, and hail, solar panels can take heavy category storms. In addition to their durability, most solar panels come with a warranty from the manufacturer protecting the homeowner.

If your Roof is over 15 years old, it may make sense to replace your roof during the solar installation process. During our site audit, we will look at the usable life of your roof and let you know our recommendations. Once the panels have been installed, your roof will likely deteriorate well before your solar panels. In this instance, give NRG a quick call to give you a proposal on redoing your roof. We’ll help secure your panels while any roof maintenance is being done.

In most cases, you will be given an app to view your solar production. Login and check the status of your energy production and overall health of your system.

It’s a question of when you should go solar and not if. Solar energy is the most efficient form of clean energy that can be produced. Its acquisition process requires a one-time technical installation and can operate for over 30 years. Make the shift now so you don’t have to do it later.