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The Generac PWRmicro Product Review

Generac PWRmicro

Generac Power Systems Steps into The microinverter business with the new PWRmicro line. Here is our Generac PWRmicro Product Review.

With the introduction of Generac PWRmicros, a new line of solar microinverter devices, Generac Power Systems has announced that its customers will be able to use the complete output of their solar array to their maximum capacity. The release of new single-module and two-module microinverters marks Generac’s entry into the solar and energy storage sectors.

When compared to other solar systems currently on the market, installation of Generac PWRmicros is meant to be faster and simpler. Two PV modules are controlled by the PWRmicro 2:1 simultaneously, which cuts down on the total number of devices needed to handle an array the same size by half. Installation time is cut in half and the wiring procedure is simplified with the use of integrated grounding and modular bus cable. For the ultimate in design versatility, installers may combine PWRmicro 1:1 and PWRmicro 2:1 microinverters to cover any kind of roofing system since they are interoperable.

Two new solar microinverters from Generac, a company best known for its backup generators, have been launched to the market for home usage. Two new microinverters from Generac, the 720W Generac PWRmicro 2:1 and the single-module Generac PWRmicro 1:1, are now available. They will be available for purchase and shipping starting in early 2022, according to a Generac spokeswoman.

According to Generac, the devices contain integrated grounding and modular bus cabling, which reduces installation time by simplifying wiring by allowing for more flexibility. It may be possible for installers to get more design flexibility by using both models interchangeably.




To bring microinverters to market, Generac and Chilicon Power forged a cooperation in July. Hurricane Ida’s devastation and power difficulties caused the postponement of in-person demonstrations of the microinverters at Solar Power International in New Orleans.

The debut of Generac’s microinverter technology furthers the company’s growth into the solar and energy storage businesses. A modular backup battery storage solution, known as the PWRcell, is also provided by Generac. From a 3-module configuration with a 9-kWh capacity to a 6-module configuration with an 18-kWh capacity and 9-kW output, the PWRcell battery may be built up. One Generac PWRcell inverter can provide up to 36 kWh of capacity and 11kW of continuous backup power by connecting several PWRcell battery cabinets. Models with peak efficiency of 97.3 percent and 97.7 percent are among the string inverters from PWRcell. Additionally, there are models with outputs of 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW available.

There are just a few microinverter manufacturers left, including APsystems, Enphase, Northern Electric Power (NEP), and Darfon. Microinverters have been introduced by Generac Power Systems under the Generac brand, the Generac PWRmicros. The company purchased microinverter manufacturer Chilicon Power Systems in July of last year.

To establish a “supermarket of solar technology,” Generac CMO and President of Energy Technology Russ Minick detailed the company’s efforts to expand its product line to offer installers with all of the tools they need to construct the optimal system for their customers. Having a one-stop shop for the modern solar professional and being their go-to supplier is something they take great pride in.




Generac PWR Micro

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