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It’s the perfect time to embrace clean energy as the cost of solar panels and home battery storage systems continue to decline. With 35 years of experience in the industry, NRG Clean Power is the leader in upgrading Lubbock homes to clean energy solutions. Decrease your carbon footprint and lower your utility costs while avoiding the headache of power outages by going solar.

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Go Solar in Lubbock, Texas

There are 257 thousand people currently living in Lubbock, and most of the year they enjoy sunny weather. This provides an ideal situation to harness the power of solar energy with a solar panel and home battery system. NRG Clean Power will find the right products for your home with financing that fits your budget. Get started with an instant quote today.

Solar Panels

The greatest power source known to man is just waiting to be harnessed for your personal use. Solar panels make it possible. Our team of expert solar panel specialists in Lubbock will help you with the necessary permits, choosing the right products, and an installation catered to your home.

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Battery Storage

Tired of power outages? They are a thing of the past with the implementation of a home energy storage system. Battery storage can decrease your reliance on the power grid and ensure your lights stay on when the sun doesn’t shine in Lubbock. Maximize your energy bill savings with a home battery to compliment your solar panels.

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Solar Panels

Harness the power of nature to substantially reduce cost of your utility bills. Trust our team of experts in Solar & Home Battery Installation in Lubbock to procure the necessary permitting, work with you to choose the right solar solutions, and guide our installation professionals to implement your solar panel system.
amarillo battery storage

Battery Storage

Make power outages a thing of the past. Reduce your reliance on the grid by storing your harnessed energy for when the sun doesn’t shine in Solar & Home Battery Installation in Lubbock. Ensure you are getting the maximum savings on your energy bills with a home battery storage system to compliment your solar panels.

Why Choose NRG Clean Power in Lubbock?

For 30+ years we have been a leading efficient energy provider in Texas. Specializing in solar panel & home battery storage installation, our mission is to help build a clean energy future one home at a time. We offer the best products at the best rates, with financing to suit anyone. See us at work.

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