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 NRG Clean Power is the leading installer of solar panels in Texas. Solar in Texas continues to grow, and, leveraging our 30 years of experience, we can help you start saving as soon as you make the switch.

Texas Solar Market

Live in Texas? Interested in installing solar panels but don’t know where to start? Want to understand how you can save when you go solar? You’ve come to the right place! 

Texas’ solar market continues to grow dramatically, especially in cities like Austin and San Antonio. Although Texas hosts some of the most robust solar incentives in the country, cities like these have municipal utility companies with additional rebates and incentives

Homeowners interested in solar panels in Texas need to partner with a solar company that understands the local climate. Texas solar companies like NRG Clean Power know how to optimize your savings by taking advantage of all government incentives.

While the price of electricity in Texas does not reach extremes like in California and Hawaii, the average annual electricity cost per household is $1,801, among the highest in the nation. This comes from an increased rate of consumption throughout the state. 

Considering electricity consumption and cost of installation of solar panels in Texas, the average household can expect to save over $30,000 over 25 years.  

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In Savings When You Switch to Solar

Texas Net Metering 

There is a lot of misconception regarding net metering in Texas. Texas does not have a statewide net metering policy; however, many utility companies still credit owners for excess solar production. This means you can still effectively benefit from utility credits and save money, rather than buying electricity from these companies.

The Future of Texas Solar

Solar power in Texas, especially residential solar panels, is gaining traction and quickly. Texas already ranks number 4th on SEIA’s 2020 national rankings with only 1.35% of its electricity produced by solar. Compare this to California, which ranks 4th on their list, which derives 22.19% of the state’s electricity from solar. The growth potential of solar in Texas is incredible!  Solar experts expect Texas to become a nationwide leader in solar energy over the next 5 years. Solar-friendly state policies continue to remove market barriers and 4 GW of capacity is slated to be installed.   As a result, for the homeowner, this means residential solar will become even more accessible for solar panels in Texas. It also means that prices will become more competitive and affordable for homeowners.

Environmental Impacts of Solar in Texas

As Texas ranks within the top 5 states in energy consumption per household and number 1 in total residential energy consumption per year, making the switch to solar will have a major impact on the environment. 

By making the switch to solar, the state can drastically reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels

Ready to Make the Switch to Solar?

Take your energy usage and management into your own hands—take advantage of a growing market and go solar today! 

Not only can you help reduce our carbon footprint, you can also save a ton of money while doing so!

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