Best Solar Referral and Affiliate Programs of 2024 (Services + Products)

The renewable energy sector is experiencing rapid growth, with solar energy at the forefront of this evolution. Solar affiliate programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to tap into this lucrative and expanding market. By joining a solar referral program, individuals not only contribute to the global transition towards renewable energy but also unlock a significant earning potential through commissions on every successful referral. These programs leverage the increasing interest in solar solutions, benefiting from the sector’s anticipated expansion and offering a win-win scenario for both affiliates and the companies they represent.

Understanding the specifics of each solar affiliate program, including commission structures, cookie durations, the range of products or services offered, the presence of dedicated affiliate links, and the added value each program brings, is essential for affiliates aiming to maximize their earnings . As solar energy continues to gain momentum, these programs become pivotal for marketers and influencers looking to engage with a greener, more sustainable future while reaping financial benefits. This article will explore the top solar affiliate programs for 2024, providing a comprehensive guide to starting or enhancing your journey in the solar energy domain.

Affiliate ProgramCommission StructureCookie DurationProduct RangeAdditional Benefits
NRG Clean PowerHigh CPA models per appointment and saleLong durationSolar panel installations, energy storage, auditsAdvanced tracking system, high sales rate
Solgaard10% per sale90 daysEco-friendly travel gear made from ocean-bound plasticSustainable travel products, solar-powered, anti-theft designs
Goal Zero5% per sale14 daysPortable solar generators, power banks, lanternsU.S.-based service team, products for off-grid scenarios
Bluetti5-6% per sale15-45 daysPortable power stations, solar panels, generatorsHigh-ticket packages, robust marketing support
InergyUp to 10% per sale30 daysPortable solar power stations, solar panel kitsAffordable and scalable power solutions
Shop Solar KitsUp to 6% per saleN/AMini portable solar units, generators, batteriesComprehensive product range, diverse customer base
Tesla Solar$500 per installation30 daysSolar Roof, solar panelsStrong brand reputation, extensive marketing support

Advanced Solar Solutions – NRG Clean Power Affiliate Program

The NRG Clean Power Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for affiliates interested in promoting top-tier solar energy solutions. Known for its impressive commission structures and advanced tracking systems, NRG Clean Power stands out as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

Commission Structure

NRG Clean Power offers affiliates attractive CPA (Cost Per Action) models. Affiliates earn commissions not only for completed sales but also for setting up appointments. This dual earning potential makes the program particularly lucrative. With competitive payouts per appointment and per completed action, affiliates can maximize their earning potential by driving high-quality leads to NRG Clean Power.

Product Range

NRG Clean Power provides a wide array of solar energy solutions tailored to meet various customer needs. Their offerings include state-of-the-art solar panel installations, energy storage systems, and comprehensive energy audits. These products are designed to help customers achieve energy independence, reduce their carbon footprint, and save on utility bills.

Advanced Tracking System and Cookie Duration

The affiliate program boasts an advanced tracking system that ensures accurate and reliable tracking of referrals. This system is designed to maximize affiliate earnings by capturing every lead effectively. Additionally, the program features a long cookie duration, allowing affiliates ample time to convert leads into sales. This extended period ensures that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts, even if the customer takes time to finalize their decision.

Brand Reputation

NRG Clean Power is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company has built a strong reputation for delivering high-performance solar solutions and exceptional service. Affiliates can leverage NRG Clean Power’s esteemed brand to enhance their credibility and attract a broad audience.

High Sales Rate

With a high conversion rate, NRG Clean Power’s products are popular among customers, translating to more sales and higher commissions for affiliates. The company’s efficient sales process and customer-centric approach en

Solar Program Overview – Solgaard Affiliate Program

The Solgaard Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity for affiliates passionate about sustainability and travel. This program is designed for those who wish to promote premium, eco-friendly travel gear while earning attractive commissions on sales generated through their referrals.

Commission Structure

Affiliates of the Solgaard program enjoy a competitive commission rate of 10% per sale, providing a lucrative opportunity for content creators and influencers in the travel and eco-conscious spaces. The program stands out not only for its generous commissions but also for its focus on products that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Product Range

Solgaard’s product lineup is particularly appealing to those interested in sustainable travel. With offerings such as The Carry-On Closet, The Check-In Closet, Lifepack, Artemis backpacks, Solarbank, and Solar Boombox, all products are crafted from ocean-bound plastic. This initiative aligns with Solgaard’s commitment to reducing ocean plastic, with the goal of cutting it in half by 2025. Notably, their products are solar-powered and feature anti-theft designs, making them both innovative and environmentally responsible choices for travelers.

Cookie Duration

The affiliate program boasts a generous cookie duration of 90 days. This extended period allows affiliates ample time to earn commissions from sales generated by visitors who have clicked on their referral links, ensuring that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts in promoting Solgaard’s sustainable travel solutions.

In sum, the Solgaard Affiliate Program is an excellent choice for affiliates dedicated to promoting sustainable travel solutions. With its competitive commission rates, innovative product range, and extended cookie duration, it offers a compelling opportunity for those looking to earn income while supporting environmentally-friendly practices.

Trusted Solar Solutions – Goal Zero Affiliate Program

Brand Reputation

Goal Zero has established itself as an industry leader in portable power, offering a range of solar products that are not only reliable but also designed to withstand the harshest climates. With a history of innovation since 2007, Goal Zero’s products have been developed, tested, and proven from pole to pole, ensuring they can handle extreme conditions and deliver absolute customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to quality and customer service is evident in their U.S.-based service team, which provides top-tier technical and customer support, reinforcing their brand reputation.

Wide Range of Products

Goal Zero caters to a diverse audience, including adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those interested in emergency preparedness, with its extensive product lineup. From portable solar generators and solar panel kits to power banks, lanterns, and accessories, Goal Zero’s solar solutions are designed to give customers the freedom to go anywhere, independent of battery life. Their products, including the innovative Yeti Power Stations and solar panels, offer clean energy options for recharging devices or powering homes, RVs, vehicles, and more, making them ideal for a variety of off-grid scenarios.

Commission and Payment

Affiliates of the Goal Zero program can benefit from a competitive commission rate of 5% per sale, which applies to all products, providing a lucrative opportunity for those who effectively promote Goal Zero’s offerings. The program is available on two networks, including FlexOffers and Ascend by Partnerize, offering flexibility in how affiliates choose to join and promote the products. With a cookie duration of 14 days, affiliates have a generous window to convert referrals into sales. Additionally, the program allows for global participation, as long as the affiliate has a personal website or a significant social media presence, with monthly commission payouts via Payoneer, bank transfer, or direct deposit, making it accessible and rewarding for affiliates worldwide.

Design Meets Functionality – Bluetti Affiliate Program

Bluetti, a Nevada-based innovator in portable solar power accessories, offers an affiliate program that combines high-quality products with attractive earnings for affiliates. Designed for off-grid living, Bluetti’s range of sleek products includes portable power stations, solar panels, solar generators, and accessories. Their aesthetic design sets them apart, making them ideal for those passionate about environmentalism and adventure-living. Affiliates can earn a commission of 5-6% on sales made within a 15-45 day cookie window, with some high-ticket packages ranging in price from $4,000-$8,000. This program is particularly lucrative for content creators with an audience interested in off-grid living, from van life to camping adventures.

High-Quality Products

Bluetti’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their product lineup. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they offer a selection of portable power solutions that are both functional and stylish. Their products are designed to support a range of activities, from outdoor adventures to emergency situations, providing reliable power solutions wherever needed.

Affiliate Earnings

The Bluetti Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates, with affiliates earning between 5-6% on each sale. This rate applies to all products, making it a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to promote Bluetti’s high-quality portable power stations and solar panels. The program features a cookie duration of 15-45 days, allowing ample time for potential customer conversion.

Marketing Support

Bluetti provides comprehensive marketing support to its affiliates. Upon joining the program, affiliates receive exclusive links to promote Bluetti’s products. The use of Bluetti’s affiliate banners is required to avoid copyright violations. The program is free to join, with no costs associated with becoming an affiliate. Bluetti has partnered with ShareAsale and Webgains, suggesting affiliates choose one of these platforms for marketing their products. This choice helps in combining sales from all vendors when calculating payout limits. Affiliates can track their performance through their affiliate account, viewing sales and commission earnings. The program ensures proper tracking of sales generated by affiliate links, with specific conditions outlined for the effective tracking of referrals.

Bluetti’s Affiliate Program stands out for its blend of high-quality products, attractive earnings potential, and robust marketing support, making it an excellent choice for affiliates looking to promote sustainable energy solutions.

Renewable Energy for Everyone – Inergy Affiliate Program

Inergy Solar, established in 2016, has rapidly become a beacon of innovation in the portable solar power industry. With a mission to deliver affordable power solutions globally, Inergy Solar focuses on ensuring that individuals, regardless of their location, have access to essential services like power, light, and heat. This commitment is reflected in their diverse range of portable solar panel arrays and solar generators, designed with the goal of democratizing access to renewable energy.

Affordable Power Solutions

Inergy Solar’s journey began with a successful crowdfunding campaign, which highlighted the immense demand for their pioneering Kodiak Solar Generator. This product, among others, underscores Inergy’s dedication to providing reliable off-grid electricity, especially for households and properties remote from unstable centralized power grids. Their scalable and modular systems allow customers to start with a modest setup and expand over time, ensuring affordability and adaptability.

Commission Rates

The Inergy Affiliate Program stands out not only for its innovative products but also for its attractive commission structure. Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on every sale referred through their unique affiliate link. With products like the entry-level solar panel starting at $1740, this translates to a considerable $174 commission per sale. This competitive rate, coupled with a 30-day cookie duration, presents a lucrative opportunity for those promoting Inergy products.

Product Diversity

Inergy’s product line is extensive, catering to a wide range of energy needs. From portable solar power stations and scalable domestic backup power solutions to solar panel kits and various accessories, Inergy ensures that there is something for everyone. Their products are particularly suited for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and those keen on sustainable and renewable energy solutions. The Kodiak Solar Generator, renowned for its portability and efficiency, is one of their most popular offerings.

In conclusion, the Inergy Affiliate Program offers a unique blend of affordable power solutions, attractive commission rates, and a diverse product range. This makes it an ideal choice for content creators, bloggers, and influencers looking to monetize their platforms while promoting sustainable living and renewable energy.

Harnessing Sun Power – Shop Solar Kits Affiliate Program

Shop Solar Kits, founded in Canada in 2018, has quickly become a leader in providing mini portable solar power units, including solar generators, batteries, cables, and panels, catering to a wide range of energy needs for homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency preparedness planners. Their commitment to making solar energy accessible and simple is evident through their extensive product range and comprehensive online resource center, which empowers customers with knowledge on installation processes and product selection.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Shop Solar Kits offers a diverse selection of solar power kits, components, and accessories designed to meet the varying energy needs of its customers. From portable solar panels to complete off-grid systems and backup power options, they ensure reliable energy access in any situation. Their products are particularly suited for off-grid lifestyles, including RV holidays and properties located off the beaten path, making them an ideal choice for real estate developers, Airbnb hosts, or RV companies.

Earning Potential

Affiliates joining the Shop Solar Kits affiliate program through GoAffPro can earn commissions of up to 6%, with many of the kits priced well over $1,000, offering the potential for high commissions. A standard commission of 3% is given on all products, with certain best-selling units and kits having a higher commission value, thus providing a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to earn significant income. Payments are conveniently made via PayPal, once affiliates reach $100 of commission or on a monthly basis, ensuring a smooth and efficient payout process.

Customer Base

The target audience for Shop Solar Kits is broad, including homeowners, businesses, government agencies, and environmentally conscious individuals or entities interested in reducing their carbon footprint. Their products resonate well with calculated and frugal investors, families seeking energy independence, and young adults or homeowners interested in adopting solar energy. This diverse customer base ensures that affiliates have a wide range of potential clients to target, from those seeking to save on energy bills to those aiming for complete energy independence.

In conclusion, the Shop Solar Kits affiliate program offers affiliates a fantastic opportunity to earn by promoting comprehensive solar solutions to a diverse customer base. With competitive commissions, a wide range of products, and a focus on sustainability and innovation, it stands as a compelling option for those looking to monetize their platforms while promoting renewable energy solutions.

Global Solar Initiative – Tesla Affiliate Program

The Tesla Solar Affiliate Program is a remarkable opportunity for affiliates who are passionate about renewable energy and cutting-edge technology. By promoting Tesla’s innovative solar products, affiliates can earn attractive commissions while supporting the global transition to sustainable energy.

Commission Structure

Affiliates in the Tesla Solar Program enjoy a lucrative commission rate of $500 per successful solar panel system installation. This competitive rate ensures that affiliates are well-compensated for their efforts in promoting Tesla’s industry-leading solar solutions.

Product Range

Tesla’s product lineup includes a variety of high-quality solar energy solutions designed to meet diverse energy needs. From the sleek Solar Roof, which integrates seamlessly with home architecture, to the traditional solar panels, Tesla offers products that combine efficiency with aesthetic appeal. These products not only help customers reduce their carbon footprint but also provide long-term savings on energy bills.

Cookie Duration

The affiliate program features a 30-day cookie duration, giving affiliates ample time to convert potential leads into sales. This extended period ensures that affiliates are rewarded for their promotional efforts, even if the customer takes some time to make a purchase decision.

Marketing Support

Tesla provides comprehensive marketing support to its affiliates. This includes access to a range of promotional materials, such as banners, links, and detailed product information, enabling affiliates to effectively market Tesla’s solar products. Additionally, Tesla’s strong brand reputation and global recognition make it easier for affiliates to attract and convert leads.

Brand Reputation

Tesla is synonymous with innovation and quality in the renewable energy sector. The company’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and its track record of technological advancements make it a trusted name among consumers. Affiliates can leverage Tesla’s esteemed brand to enhance their credibility and attract a wider audience.

In summary, the Tesla Solar Affiliate Program offers an exceptional opportunity for affiliates to earn substantial commissions while promoting high-quality, sustainable energy solutions. With its attractive commission structure, extensive product range, and strong brand reputation, the program is an excellent choice for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment while generating income.


As the solar energy market burgeons, the role of solar affiliate programs becomes increasingly pivotal. These programs offer a dual advantage: they provide a platform for affiliates to earn by promoting solar products and services, and they play a crucial role in the global shift towards renewable energy solutions. This conclusion draws upon insights from various sources to underscore the significance of these programs in the current energy and economic landscape.

Rising Demand for Solar Energy Solutions

The worldwide energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with solar energy emerging as a key player. The reliance on renewable solar solutions is set to accelerate, driven by the dual pressures of energy uncertainty and climate impact. This shift presents a fertile ground for affiliates interested in this niche, offering both profitability and relatively low competition.

The Role of Affiliates in Promoting Solar Energy

Affiliates have a unique opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability while earning. By promoting solar products, affiliates align with consumers’ growing commitment to sustainable, renewable energy solutions. This alignment not only serves as a strong selling point but also opens up professional opportunities for affiliates. Moreover, it provides personal satisfaction from contributing to the health of the planet.

A Lucrative Opportunity

Participating in solar affiliate programs is not just about promoting sustainability; it’s also a lucrative opportunity. The booming solar industry presents a vast array of products and services for affiliates to market. Whether targeting residential homeowners, commercial clients, or outdoor enthusiasts, there’s a solar affiliate program suited to every audience and interest.