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REC 405W Pure Black Panel: This Summer’s Hottest New Solar Panel

REC Group has released an all-black version of its Alpha module line, the REC 405W Pure Black Panel. Production on the REC Alpha Pure Black will begin in June 2021, with first deliveries expected in July. The new panel offers an upgraded design, sustainable approach and the highest performance of any solar panel on the market. 

REC 405W Pure Black Panel 2

REC 405W Pure Black Panel: Rethinking Solar Sustainability

The REC 405W Pure Black Panel rethinks sustainability, with a lead-free construction. And, the pure black panel, based on REC’s Twin Design, takes their patented split cell and junction box technology and ups the ante. 

REC has eliminated lead from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering.

“The minimal environmental footprint is part of REC’s holistic commitment to corporate social responsibility,” explains Shankar G. Sridhara, Chief Technology Officer at REC Group. “Even today, a solar panel typically contains a small amount of lead in relation to its total weight. On a large scale, however, the impact is significant, particularly when solar panels are recycled at the end of their service life. To put this into perspective, last year alone, around 400 million solar panels were produced worldwide. If you fast forward a few decades into the future, the 2020 production is set to add around 10,000 tons of lead to the ecosystem. This means that customers choosing the REC Alpha Pure Black are doing even more for the environment than just producing clean energy.”

Higher Output for Optimal Performance

In addition to putting sustainability at the forefront of the new design, REC upgraded their power output for better performance. 

At 219 watts per square meter, the panel offers one of the highest power densities on the market, helping homeowners and businesses benefit from optimum use of space and even higher savings on energy bills. 

REC 405W Pure Black Panel

For context, most modern solar panels offer around 15 percent efficiency. This works out to approximately 150 watts per square meter.

It also offers a state-of-the-art gapless, half-cut cell layout. 

The gapless layout efficiently uses every millimeter of the panel surface by avoiding typical gaps between cells. Not only does it make the panel that much more efficient, it also plays a massive role in rooftop aesthetics. 

This gapless layout combined with a black backsheet gives the REC 405W Pure Black Panel a seamless appearance. 

Thanks to an exceptional temperature coefficient of -0.26 %/°C, the REC Alpha Pure Black offers excellent performance in both mild and hot conditions. A super-strong frame gives extra protection against extreme weather events. 

With extreme weather becoming more and more common across the United States, it adds to the many reasons that make it a compelling solar panel choice for both residential and commercial rooftops. 

Better Warranties with the REC 405W Pure Black Panel

The REC 405W Pure Black Panel is eligible for the coveted REC ProTrust warranty package. This warranty package outperforms almost all other solar panel manufacturers’ warranties. And, with certified installers like NRG Clean Power, you can get the best of the best. 

REC 405W Pure Black Panel Warranty

In short, homeowners can access 25 years of coverage on product, performance and labor. It also guarantees power of at least 92% in year 25 of operation.

In conclusion, the new REC 405W Pure Black Panel is an exemplary version of what solar panels could and should be. They offer homeowners a beautifully sleek design, an acute approach to sustainability, an industry-best power output and incredibly competitive warranty. If you want a solar array with optimal performance with limited environmental impact, then you can’t go wrong this panel. Schedule a consultation with an energy expert at NRG Clean Power to learn more!

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