California State Solar Panels Companies Primer

Many homes are transitioning from grid electricity to solar energy. This transition is informed by rising energy costs and global warming occasioned by fossil fuels. Solar energy is cleaner and renewable making it the best alternative to all other energy sources. Furthermore, it can be installed at individual homes leaving the homeowner in complete control and freedom of their energy.

Steps to Take Before Installing Solar Energy

Solar energy installation is major investments that can set you back $45000 to $100000. Solar panel companies will try to convince you to make this investment as quick as possible so as to begin realizing immediate gains. However, you should be able to make informed decisions based on sound research. You should first ascertain whether you can comfortably pay this amount without affecting your income or financial stability. There is no point paying $45000 when you are risking foreclosure on your property.


Therefore, before installing solar energy, ensure you have calculated the cost benefit and that you will be comfortable with the investment in the short term. The first step is to get a reliable solar installer from a good and trusted solar company. Solar panel companies can only offer solar panel experts but you need someone who understands all the components and can install a fully working solar system at your home. They will have to come and measure your roof to ensure the solar panels can fit and can support your energy needs.

Components of a Solar Energy System

California State Solar Panels Companies

The primary components of solar power are the solar panels, inverters, grid network and batteries. The solar panels have photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy flows via the grid network and converted from Direct Current into Alternative Current by the inverters. After conversion, the electrical power is safe to use around your house. You can store excess power in the batteries for later use. Knowledgeable solar companies in San Diego are easy to identify since they have managed to significantly lower their installation costs.

Tips to Selecting a professional Installer

Electricity is dangerous and requires a professional installer to handle it. Solar energy installers can either work for solar companies or act as independent installers. The best solar panel companies usually offer their installers to come conduct an assessment at your premises for free. Technology has allowed some of the most tech savvy solar companies in San Diego to leverage on their installation costs to retain clients. The installer will calculate how much energy you require and check whether you have enough space to house the solar panels. Once they have arrived at a positive assessment they will calculate the costs and give you time to consider the financial implications.


You need to check on the certification and permits of your preferred solar companies to ensure they can legally operate in your area. There are online resources to help you conduct such background checks before you can hire a solar company. Once you are satisfied, you can ask for quotations, but only after you have ascertained that they have valid warranties and will be available for repairs and assessments. It is prudent to always conduct enough research before signing any contract with a solar panel company.

Authored by Ryan Douglas

Authored by Ryan Douglas

NRG Clean Power's resident writer and solar enthusiast, Ryan Douglas covers all things related to the clean energy industry.