A Concise Guide to Find a Reliable Solar Company in California

Before installing solar power, you need to understand the basics of how they work and how to get the right solar company to handle your installation. Basically, any major addition such as solar power to your house will require utmost research and professionalism because it is a major investment which can lead to losses if not done right.

Tips to Getting the Best Solar Installer

To get you solar installation done right, you need to consult a professional from the very beginning. Professionals are trained on how to handle the complex components and also how to handle customer expectations. A good solar installer will manage your expectations and in most cases will exceed it so long as you remain objective and cooperative. Solar companies offer trainings to installers under their employ and this is a good indicator that once you contract a solar company they will send over a credible and qualified installer.


One other thing to look for is the review section since previous clients will leave testimonials on how they experienced their services. A review section with just positive reviews is not always an indicator of a great company. Instead look for mixed reviews which feature a balance between positive criticism and positive reviews. Carefully evaluate any negative reviews and if the individual has left a contact, try reaching out to find out what the problem was. You have access to several Solar panels companies in California by simply searching online for solar companies in your vicinity. Sometimes, competitors sponsor trolls who leave negative comments and this might throw you off course towards finding a great company.

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Negotiating a Good Agreement with a Solar Company

Getting a good contract with a solar panel company is crucial and you need to read through the fine print to ensure there are no hidden charges or responsibilities on your side. The contract should be clear on warranties and costs to incur, and any costs not covered in the contract should be clear either as a miscellaneous or not factored in at all. There is a risk that due to marketing and advertising, a solar company may promise something that won’t be covered in the contract. If such an issue arises, you need to be clear on your rights and responsibilities and hold the solar company accountable to theirs.

How to earn extra income from your solar installation

Solar installations are expensive and not many homes can afford them. However, governments have put in place incentives to encourage homes to take up solar. This is in keeping with global need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and other expensive non renewable energy sources. The most knowledgeable solar companies in San Diego are already reducing their installation expenses using data from the market. Therefore, a good solar company will advise you on the available incentives, bonuses and discounts that are available.


Once you have calculated your home’s energy needs, you can think about earning more by producing excess energy. Most utility companies have an avenue for home owners to increase their earnings by producing excess power and selling it back to the grid. Overall, you can easily recoup your costs by selling to your neighbors so long as there are provisions for doing so.

Authored by Ryan Douglas

Authored by Ryan Douglas

NRG Clean Power's resident writer and solar enthusiast, Ryan Douglas covers all things related to the clean energy industry.