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Panasonic 410/400W Solar Panels: A Comprehensive Product Review

Panasonic began 2022 by making a splash at the Intersolar North America (ISNA) 2022 event held in Long Beach, California, back in January. There, the consumer electronics giant unveiled a couple of new EverVolt solar module lineups—the 370/360W PK Black Series and the 410/400W H Series solar panels.


Today, we will do a comprehensive product review of the latter—the Panasonic 410/400W H Series solar panels. You can expect to see the following:


      • A basic product overview of the Panasonic 410/400W H Series solar panels, including a rundown of their features
      • A full specs list
      • Our verdict on whether it is worth buying or not

Product Overview of Panasonic 410/400W H Series Solar Panels

The 410/400W solar panels are the latest additions to Panasonic’s already vast array of EverVolt heavy-duty solar panels for residential use. The consumer electronics giant claims the new solar panels have a world-class conversion efficiency rating. Pair that with a minimal 0.25% yearly degradation rate and customers are bound to enjoy clean, renewable power that will remain reliable over an extended period.


Apart from power efficiency, the 410/400W solar panels also come with enhanced high-temperature performance. Better yet, they have a full 25-year warranty.

Features of Panasonic 410/400W Solar Panels

Panasonic is positioning the 410/400W solar panels as the most powerful modules in its EverVolt lineup. What exactly makes them super powerful? Find out below.

Improved Module Efficiency

The 410W solar panel boasts a module efficiency rating of 22.2%, while the 400W variant comes with a 21.6% module efficiency rating. These enhanced ratings allow them to produce more power even if they don’t occupy a bigger space on residential rooftops.


Their efficiency is further boosted by a 0.25% degradation rate annually, one of the lowest ratings across the global solar panel industry. Add to that the fact that Panasonic guarantees their power production stays at 92% at least even after 25 years.

Long-Term Durability

One of the critical features of the 410/400W solar panels is their use of N-type cells with next to zero Low Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID). As such, they will retain their structural and functional integrity for many years to come.


The combined longevity and reliability of the 410/400W solar panels make them a genuinely durable option for residential users.

High-Temperature Tolerance

The 410/400W solar panels can generate a consistent power output even in the hottest climates, even during the summer.


According to Panasonic, the 410/400W solar panels can outlast competing products even amid high temperatures, thanks to its 0.26% per degree Celsius (°C) temperature coefficient rating.

Enhanced Performance Even under Shade

Even while the 410/400W solar panels were designed to withstand extreme heat and hot weather, they are no weaklings on cloudy days or when installed in shaded locations. Their performance stays the same.

Use of Heterojunction Cell Tech

The 410/400W solar panels are built with 66 half-cut cells imbued with heterojunction cell technology. That allows for gapless connections, which significantly reduces electron loss.


Compared to standard solar panels, the 410/400W modules generate clean power more efficiently, translating to greater output, thanks to heterojunction cell tech.

25-Year Warranty Care of AllGuard and TripleGuard

Every EverVolt solar panel is covered by Panasonic’s AllGuard and TripleGuard warranties, including the 410/400W modules, of course. The 25-year warranties cover power output performance, product, parts, and labor.

Electrical Specs of Panasonic 410/400W H Series Solar Panels

Specifications 410W Solar Panel 400W Solar Panel
Maximum Power Voltage (VPM) 42.7V 42.1V
Maximum Power Current (LPM) 9.61A 9.51A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 49.0V 48.8V
Short Circuit Current (LSC) 10.35A 10.25A
Temperature Coefficient (PMAX) -0.26% per °C -0.26% per °C
Temperature Coefficient (VOC) -0.24% per °C -0.24% per °C
Temperature Coefficient (LSC) -0.04% per °C -0.04% per °C
NOCT 390.4W 381.0W
Module Efficiency 22.2% 21.6%
Power Density 20.6W per square feet 20.1W per square feet
Maximum System Voltage 1,000V 1,000V
Maximum Series Fuse 25A 25A
Watt Class Sorting -0/+10W -0/+10W
Junction Box 3-part, 3 bypass diodes, IP68 rated (per IEC 62790 standards)
Connector Type Stäubli MC4 PV-KBT4/KST4 (4 sq. mm) (per IEC 62852 standard, only when connected)
Cable Size/Type 12AWG (4 sq. mm) PV Wire, 43 in. + 47 in. (per EN 50618 standard)
Maximum Snow Load (+)² 146 psf (7,000Pa)+
Maximum Wind Load (-)² 83.5 psf (4,000Pa)+
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height) 71.7 in. × 40.0 in. × 1.2 in. (1,821mm × 1,016mm × 30mm)
Weight 45.0 lbs. (20.5kg)
Pallet Dimensions (Length × Width × Height) 74 in. × 41.5 in. × 47.5 in.
Pallet Weight 33 pisces/1,620 lbs. (735kg)
Quantity per 40-Foot Container 792 pieces
  • ● IEC61215-2:2016 (Hailstone 35mm)
  • ● Fire Type 2 (UL 61730)
  • ● Salt Mist (per IEC 61701 standard)
  • ● Potential Induced Degradation (PID) (per IEC 62804 standard)
  • ● Ammonia Resistance (per IEC 62716 standard)
  • ● Lead-free per RoHS EU 863/2015 standard or IEC 62321 standard
Operating Temperature -40–185°F (-40–85°C)
Limited Warranty 24 years for workmanship and power output (linear)
Year 1 Power Production 98%
Yearly Degradation 0.25%
Year 25 Power Production 92%

The Verdict

What makes the Panasonic 410/400W solar panels an excellent option for consumers is their combination of power output efficiency, low degradation rate, and toughness against high or cold temperatures.


While older, more conventional solar panels are usually weather-dependent, the 410/400W solar panels can work even under shade, giving them an edge over even older Panasonic models.


Their extensive performance and product warranty are also a huge plus. Customers are guaranteed to get optimum power output even after 25 years. While it’s currently a top 3–4 solar panel market contender, it can still stand toe-to-toe against SunPower or LG’s best, especially if you’re looking for a temperature-coefficient product.


Check out our initial review on the Panasonic 410/400W Solar Panels.

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