The Solar Installation Process

So you’ve decided to go solar? Congratulations on making the smart choice. It’s one you’ll benefit from for decades to come. Now that you’ve committed, what’s the process going to look like? Keep reading to get an overview of the entire solar installation process.


Site Audit

It all starts with a site audit from NRG. A member of our highly qualified team of surveyors will get on your roof to determine how your system can be safely installed. In some instances, we may even use Drone technology. Whichever option we utilize, the team will take precise and detailed measurements of your home and electrical system to ensure a smooth installation process.  We are usually able to get out to your property in just a few days.



After inspecting the area, we’ll get started on designing the layout of how your solar system will be installed. Once our engineer designs the plans, we will send them over to you to review for final approval of the layout and production. After we receive your approval,  we’re free to move forward with permits.



As with anything bureaucratic, it’s typically the longest part of the process. Our team will take care of acquiring the proper permits from the city. If you belong to any associations, we’ll arrange everything on your behalf. After identifying which permits you need, and from who, we’ll get to work.



Now it’s time to install your new solar system. This is usually one of the quickest parts of the entire process. Our skilled installers will make quick work of laying down the solar array, installing your inverters, and any other equipment you have contracted.


Final Inspection

We want to always test to make sure everything is working properly. We’ll take an appropriate amount of time to make sure we double check and triple check everything. The most critical thing for us is your satisfaction. That’s why our inspection is always comprehensive. During this time, your city or local building jurisdiction may perform their own final inspection of the install.


Connect To The Grid

Once everything is in working order, we’ll need to connect your system to the utility grid. This is where the utility comes in. They will typically visit the property to install a new “net” meter and grant permission to operate. Before you know it, you’ll be saving money while making a positive impact on the environment. Just promise us you won’t go Solar Crazy with all the money you’re saving!