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Solaria PowerXT 400: The Best Panel on the Market?

Solaria, one of the rising stars of the solar panel industry, recently released the Solaria PowerXT 400 solar panel. At a 400 Watt power rating, the Solaria PowerXT 400 launched as one of the highest power-rated 60 cell modules available in the industry. This solar panel is ideal for residential solar systems. And its efficiency allows for fewer solar panels and reduced installation time, culminating into the perfect balance of system components required for a project.

solaria powerxt 400

Solaria PowerXT 400: Your American-Made Option

Solaria develops solar panels out of various manufacturing facilities, one of which in the United States. Developed and manufactured in California, the Solaria PowerXT 400 gives homeowners another viable option if American-made is on your list of priorities. When you purchase American-made products, you support not only American workers, but also:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Workers’ rights
  • Child labor laws
  • Environmental regulations
  • Transparent and ethical corporate behavior
  • Fair wages
  • Ethical production

Additionally, every cent that consumers spend on American-made goods holds and brings money into the U.S. economy. Solar panels are no exception.

This type of consumer behavior helps our country avoid debt. The huge U.S. trade deficit leads to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries. Buying American-made goods, like the Solaria PowerXT 400, does more than just support the companies who make them. The benefits ripple throughout our entire domestic economy.

Solaria 400 Power XT

Solaria PowerXT 400 Boasts Higher Efficiency & Even Higher Power

The patented cell cutting and assembly form ‘high density’ sub-strings, which are larger than conventional solar cells and perform more efficiently by reducing inactive space between cells. By utilizing a ribbon-less interconnection process, manufacturers cut cells and overlay them without soldering, creating a superbly reliable sub-string assembly. 

In short, all of this advanced technology creates the perfect storm in regard to efficiency ratings. 

With 19.9% efficiency, the Solaria PowerXT 400 has better performance than conventional 60-cell modules, which rate between 16-17%. Using cutting-edge technology, Solaria produces one of the highest power home solar panels available on the market, with one of the highest efficiency ratings money can buy. 

Higher Power Means Lower Costs

As a result of such competitive power and efficiency ratings, homeowners can save a ton on system and installation costs. The higher power module translates to fewer modules required per installation. If you install an average 6kW solar system, you would only need to install 15 Solaria PowerXT 400 solar panels. When comparing this to the typical 300W panel, you can reduce the number of required panels by 25 percent. This, in theory, would reduce your installation costs by something equivalent.

Solaria PowerXT 400w

Solaria PowerXT 400’s Improved Shading Tolerance

The aforementioned sub-string technology’s biggest competitive edge? Its improved shading tolerance. The sub-strings are interconnected in parallel within each row, dramatically lowering shading losses and increasing energy yield. 

Shading Tolerance Explained

Photovoltaic (or solar) systems generate electricity via the photovoltaic effect, when sunlight knocks electrons loose in materials that make up the solar cells. As such, whenever a cell or panel does not receive sunlight due to a shaded obstruction, it lowers the amount of electricity generated. The amount of energy the panels cannot produce is called the shade loss, and the metric that evaluates a panel’s performance in the shade is called its shading tolerance.

Shade obstructions can come from a variety of sources:

  • Nearby objects, such as trees, antennas or poles
  • “Self-shading” from other PV panel rows
  • Horizon shading from the terrain surrounding the installation site
  • Other factors such as panel orientation, soiling or differential aging

The Superior Aesthetics of the Solaria PowerXT 400

At the end of the day, one of the biggest pros to the new Solaria modules comes as its superior curb-side appeal. The same advanced technology that gives this module such high power and efficiency ratings also allow for some of the best aesthetics on the market. 

The all-black panels look incredibly sleek on any roof and amplify the overall appearance of your home.

Want to learn more about the Solaria PowerXT 400? Then click here to download the spec sheet or contact the energy advisors at NRG Clean Power for a free consultation. 

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