Introducing the REC Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panel

Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panel

REC, an international solar manufacturer, launched the REC Alpha Pure-RX solar panel in August of this year. This is a new addition to the brand’s popular Alpha HJT technology-based solar panel series and is positioned to be its most powerful residential option yet.


The company, founded in Norway and with headquarters and a manufacturing unit in Singapore, is known for making highly reliable and extremely energy-efficient solar panels that are also carbon-neutral. The Alpha Pure-RX is no exception, adding to REC’s impressive repertoire of solar panel offerings.


Let’s take a closer look at the Alpha Pure-RX solar panels to understand how the product delivers on its promise. 

REC Alpha Pure-RX: Technical Specifications

This is what this new solar panel brings to the table:

General Data
  • Cell Type
    88 half-cut heterojunction (HJT) cells
  • Dimension
    1728 x 1205 x 30 mm
  • Weight
    51.14 lbs (23.2 kgs)
  • Manufactured in
  • Peak Power
    470 Watts @ 226 Watts per square meter
  • Panel Efficiency
  • Power Produced in the 1st Year
  • Power Produced in the 25th Year
    92% (0.25% annual degradation)
  • Warranty
    20 to 25 years with RECProTrust

REC Alpha Pure-RX: An Analysis

With the Alpha series, REC has maintained a focus on manufacturing solar panels that are high-performing, long-lasting, and have a low carbon footprint. With its exceptional build and robust features, the Alpha Pure-RX is also designed to help residential solar users get the most out of their solar panels.

The Technology

The solar panel comprises 88 half-cut heterojunction (HJT) cells arranged in a gapless layout. HJT cells have crystalline silicon between two layers of thin-film amorphous silicon that allow for extremely efficient capture of sunlight and electron flow.


In a half-cut cell layout, these HJT cells offer a high power density: 20% more than a traditional monocrystalline solar setup. Couple this with negligible Light Induced Degradation (LID) and a low temperature coefficient, and you have a powerful solar cell that works well even under extreme temperature conditions.


Carey Hayes, the President of REC America says, “We believe that HJT holds immense potential for efficiency growth and is also the best option for future developments like tandem structures.”


In addition, the cells are lead-free, reinforcing REC’s commitment to making eco-friendly solar panels.

The Construction

As mentioned above, the cells in the Alpha Pure-RX are arranged in a gapless layout that utilizes a combination of foil and wiring for interconnectivity instead of soldering. Because the process is less intrusive, it protects the integrity of the cell structure, preventing cracks and other types of stress damage. This means they last longer than soldered solar cells.


The innovative foil and wire combination also prevents heat loss and allows for easy flow of electrons. So, the solar panel works seamlessly, irrespective of the weather conditions.


REC also overlaps the solar cells at the edges, allowing for better sunlight capture even when the surface area is limited. So, even if you have a compact space to install your solar panels, the Alpha Pure-RX’s design ensures your setup can produce sufficient power.


The solar panel has an anodized black aluminum frame with support bars that make the Alpha Pure-RX resistant to high wind pressure or snowfall up to 7,000 Pa (146 pounds per sq foot).


It’s worth noting that in the Pure-RX, REC has eliminated lead from all of the components of the solar panels. So you have a product that’s clean and green.

Panel Efficiency Performance

According to REC, the Alpha Pure-RX solar panel has a maximum power output of 470 Watts. That means, under ideal conditions, when the solar panel is installed at the full tilt angle and receives ample irradiance per square meter of the surface, it can produce 470 Watts of solar energy.


This is significantly more peak power than the Alpha Pure-R (430W) and the Alpha Pure (410W) models. So, a standard 15 to 25-panel solar array common in US homes can produce around 7.5 to 11.75 kWh of solar energy. It can easily provide the consumption needs of the average American household with some healthy surplus.


No wonder REC has declared the Alpha Pure-RX its most powerful residential solar panel to date.


Furthermore, at 22.6%, the Alpha Pure-RX’s panel efficiency is higher than most commercial solar panels, which average 11% to 15%. So, this model is one of the most efficient solar panels for residential solar users in 2023.


The yearly degradation is only 0.25%, which means Alpha Pure-RX will work at 92% capacity even in its 25th year.


And there’s more. The solar panel is divided into four discrete sections, each capable of producing power independently. So, if one or more sections of the solar panel are affected by shading or malfunction in any way, the system can continue producing solar energy.


This is beneficial for homeowners living in crowded urban spaces or wooded areas.


Given that REC has already produced 2 GigaWatts of HJT-based solar panels, you can rest assured that its latest model will not falter when it comes to performance. You can expect above-average performance and longevity from the Alpha Pure-RX series.


Unlike the earlier models of the Alpha series, the Pure-RX solar panels produce current at 9 Amps. This means they have greater compatibility with microinverters and batteries.


Although there have been some concerns about the storage of excess power in the older models, the Alpha Pure-RX seems to have identified and upgraded critical gaps in the design and function.


The RECProTrust Warranty is included with all purchases made through REC-certified solar installers. Under RECProTrust, you will get a 25-year product and power warranty that guarantees 92% minimum solar power generation when your solar panels are 25 years old. In addition, you will also get a 10-year labor warranty.


The product is robust and built to last, so you can expect continuous returns on your solar investment.


The Alpha Pure-RX has a chic all-black aesthetic that does not look clunky or dated. It’s sleek, stylish, and looks great on most rooftops. So, if you’re worried about solar panels taking away from the appeal of your home, you won’t have to worry about it with this particular model.

REC Alpha Pure-RX: Yay or Nay?

With its robust features and innovative technology, the REC Alpha Pure-RX is a beast of a performer. Designed for residential usage, it provides excellent performance even under low light conditions and shading. And it is the best option if you live in warmer climates.


Because it boasts high power density and low LID, the Alpha Pure-RX is ideal for residential solar users with space constraints. This solar panel system will not take up much space on your rooftop or backyard, but it will produce ample power to partially or wholly offset your energy needs.


If you want to upgrade your existing solar array or plan on installing a brand-new setup, Alpha Pure-RX is an excellent option. Just remember that it is a premium product and will cost you a fair bit. Its performance and longevity undoubtedly outweigh the initial cost, and you can expect a return on your investment at the soonest.


Contact your local REC-certified solar installer to get an estimate today.


View the complete Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panel spec sheet.

Authored by Ryan Douglas

Authored by Ryan Douglas

NRG Clean Power's resident writer and solar enthusiast, Ryan Douglas covers all things related to the clean energy industry.