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Best Solar Company in 2021

Looking for the best solar company in 2021? You need to find a company with the requisite experience, industry knowledge, dedication to customer service, and a superior team of energy experts ready to help you make the switch to solar.

NRG Clean Power leverages over 35 years installing solar across California and Texas. We have a team of experienced solar professionals prepared with the tools and resources needed to make your switch to solar as seamless as possible.

The Best Solar Companies in 2021 Put Clients First

NRG Clean Power boasts a hassle- and gimmick-free approach to the solar quote process. The energy advisors have the experience to educate and advocate, first and foremost. Our team puts data and research before anything else. We look at three core data points to help inform our solar recommendations:

  • Current and projected energy usage
  • Physical home evaluation
  • Budget and desired savings

Current and projected energy usage

Do you have kids that will graduate and head off to college in the fall? Interested in upgrading to an electric vehicle in the next couple of years? Your energy consumption will fluctuate depending on various factors. However, our energy advisors have the ability to accurately forecast your energy usage of the next years and/or decades. This allows us to design a solar array that not only meets your energy needs of today but also in the future. This way, you know you can power your home to your satisfaction during the lifespan of your home solar panels system

If we can identify key changes in your projected energy use, we can ensure that happens without fail. 

Physical home evaluation

A physical home evaluation is another key aspect of designing the perfect, customized rooftop solar system. Our experts will identify things such as:

  • The health and longevity of your roof
  • Natural obstructions that may impact the efficacy of your array—such as trees, shrubs, other buildings, etc.
  • Current and ideal meter locations to ensure a streamlined inspection process with municipalities and utility companies

In light of recent global events, our team can also do these types of home evaluations remotely. Homeowners can rest assured that, although our team takes many safety precautions, we also offer solutions for those who feel more comfortable with a higher level of health safety measures. 

Budget and desired savings

One of the biggest plus sides with working with top-rated solar companies like NRG Clean Power comes from our commitment to augment access to solar for all homeowners. In short, this means we have an acute dedication to understanding and staying within your budget, while also installing a solar system that fits your needs. We also look at savings over time when helping homeowners go solar. Our team analyzes electricity usage trends and costs in your region and in your home as well. We design tailored solar solutions taking into account your budget and optimizing your savings over time.

The Best Solar Company in 2021: Innovation and Technology

As mentioned above, NRG Clean Power offers solutions that go above and beyond any expectation or industry standard. Not only can we perform certain evaluations virtually, we also have an incredible tool available right at your fingertips. 

As the best solar company in 2021, we recognize and understand that technological innovation is a requirement in today’s landscape. Our team built a tool that not only allows homeowners to get an idea as to how much their solar system may cost. 

Our Quick Quote tool asks a series of straightforward questions to design a custom solar array ready to go. This tool does not use pre-built kits or estimations. It truly designs a custom and tailored quote. 

As with all of our tools, we built this tool with customers in mind. Rather than sticking to the unsatisfactory bidding procedures such as door knocking and in-person meetings, both of which are long, drawn-out processes.
Now, you can simply walk through a simple questionnaire, and voila, you will have an official quote, valid for seven days from generation. 

Don’t Sleep on the Best Solar Company in 2021

If you want to make the switch to solar but are still looking for the best solar company in 2021, then you have to reach out to our team of solar experts. Or, better yet, check out our online quote tool for an instant quote for your customized solar array.

Try our instant quote calculator!

Use our quote calculator to get a price, instantly.

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