Helping you harness the power of the sun.

Solar finance products dramatically lower the upfront cost of going solar and manage the rare need of repairing maintaining a system for consumers. Because most homeowners today prefer to finance solar systems rather than lease or pay for them up front, access to financing is critical to successfully acquiring solar power for your home.

Clean Power Finance makes owning solar power simple! Solar PV systems are so important that most programs have tremendous incentives including $0 down, and will come with free energy costs for the first year! We are available to make it easier for homeowners to transition to renewable energy. Our qualified solar professionals are trained and experts in our Finance products including, collateral and non-collateral loans, power purchase agreements (PPAs) PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing such as Hero and California First; and other products help our consumers go solar faster and more profitably than ever.

Some key benefits of partnering with Clean Power Finance include:

  • Access to multiple finance products through our platform, which allows you to customize your financing options.
  • The ability to try with several banks to ensure you get the lowest possible interest rates.
  • Financially it makes sense, you will be paying less to own your own solar power plant on your roof than you are paying today just to rent your energy through the utility company. (example: If you are paying $200 per month today – just for your electric bill, we can transition you to clean power, solar energy, for less than $200 per month to own the system and power your home. What’s best is that you will no longer be renting energy, but rather you will own your solar panels! When they are paid off in a few years, you will be on a fixed energy bill rate nearly 80% less than your current utility bills!)
  • A commitment to partner success through our in-depth training and unparalleled customer support.


Clean Power Finance offers the following finance products in our marketplace:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Monthly

The homeowner pays each month for electricity generated by the solar system for the length of the contract term.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Prepay

This option on a PPA allows the homeowner to pay the total amount of the contract up front, effectively paying for the energy the system will produce over the course of the contract term.

Learn more about how PPAs and other financing use the solar-as-a-service model to save homeowners money on their electricity bills while avoiding the burdens of collateral and concerns about maintenance.

  • PACE Financing

Property-assessed clean energy financing allows consumers to get financing for a solar system and then pay back the financing over time though their property taxes.

NRG Clean Power is a registered partner with Southern California Edison’s program, California Energy Upgrade. We are a premium partner with the HERO program. Our relationships with home improvement financing banks allow us to provide homeowners with the best options to afford owning your solar panels.


Our team of solar advisors are here for you every step of the way with 24 hour support: First we’ll come out for your home energy audit, where we do a full analysis of your annual electricity usage. Our green engineers will then design a custom solar panel system for your home with the solar panels manufactured right here in America. We include a 25-Year warranty on all of our work and all of our equipment, allowing for peace of mind. We handle nearly all the paperwork for you, and make sure your transition to solar is as easy as possible. We specialize in several different rebate and financing programs, including $0 down and no payments for 1 year, making renewable energy extremely affordable.


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