Barry Wilson runs BWA & Associates*, an elite publicity and consulting firm in the Los Angeles suburb of Studio City. BWA’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood producers, directors, studio executives and talent. BWA’s offices are in an unassuming-looking building that Wilson and his family own. The old building is not well-insulated and thus is energy-inefficient. Wilson explains, “The electric bills were crazy expensive, but I figured, what can you do?” He grumbled about the problem to clients, who encouraged him to consider more cost efficient energy options for his office building. “My clients are always saying green this and sustainable that. So I started copying documents on two sides to use less paper; I stopped smoking after 50 years of unfiltered Camels; I bought the Prius even though I think it looks silly.”  Then one of BWA’s clients, “a kooky actor kid,” says Wilson, outfitted his house with solar panels, and told Wilson he should put some on BWA’s roof.  “I didn’t even know there were commercial solar systems,” Wilson remarks.  “I thought they were just for houses.”

After asking his actor client and several others, Barry Wilson called up NRG Clean Power because of their established reputation in the LA Commercial solar installation business. “They were good people. They came out here, we talked; they showed me we could go solar and not even pay anything up front. So we leased.” The combination of BWA’s lease payment and their newly-lowered electric bill was significantly cheaper than what they used to pay for power. Their net operating costs are lower and their asset basis is increased.  And through net metering, whatever electricity BWA’s Los Angeles commercial solar system generates in excess of what it uses from the utility company is applied as a credit on their bill.  Finally, as a company that represents many environmentally conscious clients, BWA can proudly say they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and help ensure a better, cleaner future for our planet.

As a major player in the Southern California industrial solar market, NRG Clean Power installs top-quality commercial solar systems with competitive pricing and attractive financing options for customers ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We can help you the same way we helped BWA.

Tax Credits and Incentives Make All the Difference!
Location:             Studio City, CA
System Size:       60 kW
Discount Programs Used:  LADWP – Solar Incentive (Commercial); 30% Federal Tax Credit
Cost/Savings Breakdown:                    System Cost:                      $330,000
                                                                LADWP Incentive:           –  93,000
                                                                Federal Tax Credit          –  71,100
                                                                Net Cost to Customer:  $165,900 (50.3% savings!)

  • Over 36 % reduction in monthly electric bills
  • Significant ROI due to initial cost offsets
  • Green public image
  • Prevents nearly 112,000 lbs./year of greenhouse gas pollution

*Names have been changed to protect customers’ privacy; figures are estimates based on standard conditions and assumptions.