Going solar isn’t just for hipster homeowners anymore. Businesses large and small alike are discovering that solar energy just makes good business sense! As utility costs continue to rise, making your business lean means going green! Solar power is one of the most cost efficient energy solutions available.

Why Choose NRG Clean Power for Your Commercial Solar Project?
Whether you integrate solar into new construction or retrofit one of your existing facilities, let us partner with your business to make it happen. NRG Clean Power is a recognized commercial solar power systems leader. We can help you accomplish your commercial solar installation on time and on budget. We’ll also help you get the maximum California and local rebates and incentives you qualify for.

We can arrange for financing too so you may be able to get your commercial solar panels up and running with no money down!

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Commercial Solar Panels as an Investment

Think of it as an investment that generates both short-term and long-term returns.

  • Lock in Low Electric Rates

Going solar is your hedge against out-of-control utility bills. Commercial solar panels keep costs to a predictable bare minimum, year after year.

  • Get an Excellent Return on Investment

You get a substantial return on investment (ROI) because your monthly cost of leasing or financing commercial PV systems plus your newly lowered electric bill is lower than the cost of your current utility bill. Your ROI can easily exceed 10% per year! Try getting that in the stock market or a bank!


  • Rebates, Tax Credits, Loans, and Other Incentives

California wants your company to go solar; so does Uncle Sam. So do local governments and even the major utilities! And they’re giving you some serious incentives to make it worth your while to implement cost efficient energy solutions in your business